Corporate Social Responsibility


Here at ONKOMPLEX we are committed to contribute in social development and sustainability by providing high quality professional services and competence; moreover, by using our resources, opportunities and expertise we support activities which are facilitating the emergence of a better, more livable and more human society. 

Our company focuses on the commitment to excellence in the treatment of cancer patients and to significantly improve life expectancies and quality of life. To achieve these goals, we strive to hold a close professional relationship and partnership with all relevant associates in the national health care system.  

We also developed a complex patient support system, whereas we are able to provide personalized and continuous help of experienced, specially trained professionals to cope with cancer, to manage side effects and to set up a proper lifestyle.  In addition, we provide an accredited, international experience based, specialized, 32 hours long onco-psychological training for assistants who are working in Hungarian oncology centers and wards, to facilitate a high quality care of cancer patients, therefore improve their life quality. 

The basis of this training is John Heron’s system in which instructional and communicational skills are continuously improved and refined, moreover, interventional, relaxation and stress management techniques are also explained to help the management of emotional distress and life crisis situations of cancer patients (during the acceptance of the diagnosis, therapeutic changes and in case of a worsening performance status etc.). Therefore our protégées become committed to provide a help to cope with the malignant disease itself. 


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